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Personal Finance Workshops

Learn to manage money and grow your wealth.

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Tools for Money Management

Tools to help you track and manage your wealth.

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Get a Personalized Financial Plan

Get a Personalized Financial Plan and put your goals to action.

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Understand the pros and cons before deciding the right business entity structure.

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Bookkeeping and Accounting for your business using the latest cloud solutions.

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Direct and Indirect Taxation Advisory, designed for your business.

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Payroll Processing

End to end Payroll management solutions for happy employees.

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Compliance Services

MCA, FEMA and RBI compliances as applicable to your business.

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QBO Training Workshops

Become an expert in Quickbooks with our one day training.

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Tools for Business Owners

Easy to use tools to help manage and run your business.

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Due Diligence

Get your business investor-ready within a dedicated timeframe.

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Business Valuation

Want to approach investors? The first step is to value your business.

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Growth Advisory

Evaluating ways to grow your profits from Monthly Budgets to Treasury Management to Working Capital Management.

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Debt Funding

Raise loan capital to fuel your business at a cost that is sustainable.

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Equity Funding

Equity Investors can be strategic investors who can add more value than just the funds.

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Give a little

Wealth Café Foundation is a Section 8 company focusing on financial literacy apart from environmental protection.